Cookies policy

Cookies policy

1. What is a Cookie?
Cookies are files containing small amounts of information which are saved on the user’s device when they visit a website. Their main purpose is to identify the user each time they access the website, and also enables quality improvements and better user experiences on the website.
Cookies are essential to the operation of the Internet, and one of their functions is to identify and resolve potential errors in the operation of the Website.

2. Types of cookies
This Website uses first- and third-party cookies. The cookies used are stored on your device for a specific period, as “session” cookies (which expire when you leave our Website) or “persistent” cookies (which have a longer expiry period). The cookies used on this Website are:
“Strictly necessary” cookies
Cookies considered necessary for browsing the Website, which allow the user to use specific features and tools, such as, session identification, accessing restricted parts of the website, remembering items in an order, completing the checkout process for an order, etc. Without these cookies, such features cannot be used.
Cookies on browsing behaviour
Cookies intended to collect information relating to users’ browsing behaviour, such as the most visited pages, error messages, etc., so that the owner can make improvements to the website on the basis of the information collected through these cookies.
The information collected through these cookies is anonymised so that the user cannot be identified personally and is only used for the correct operation of the website.
Usability cookies
Cookies which allow the website to remember users’ decisions, such as: storing the user’s geographical location to ensure that the correct regional website is displayed, the user’s name, language, type of browser used to access the website, etc. Intended to provide a more personalised experience.
The information collected through these cookies is anonymised so that the user cannot be identified personally and is only used for operation of the website.
Cookies for personalisation and advertising
Cookies used by advertising operators with the permission of the website owner, which collect information on users’ preferences and choices when browsing websites. They are intended for advertising networks who use them to show users personalised ads on other websites.

3. Cookies from Third Parties
These are the cookies that are installed by a website that you are not visiting at the moment by the action of a third party. For example, the advertiser of a banner from the website you are visiting, or a “Like” button of a social network in one of the websites you are visiting and that this social network will be able to track.

• Analytic cookies: these are the cookies which compile statistics data of the activity in a Website (Google Analytics).
• Social Cookies: are necessary for the external social networks (e.g. Facebook, Google+, and Twitter). Their function is to control the interaction with the social widgets in the webpage. This kind of cookies is used in the following domains: “”, “” and “”.
• Cookies from members: these are the cookies that monitor the visits coming from other websites with which we have an affiliate contract (e.g. TripAdvisor).

4. Disable cookies
You can choose and disable the cookies that you do not want to be used in this website. You will find below the information about how to configure them in its respective browser.

Google Chrome –
Internet Explorer –
Firefox –
Safari –

5. Consent to use Cookies
You consent to Scandic’s use of cookies in accordance with this Cookie Policy by continuing to use the site and using a browser set to allow cookies

6. What personal data we collect and why we collect it does not collect more data than the type of data mentioned here below.

7. Contact form
The provided contact form is an easy way for the user to contact It works like an automated messaging system. Instead the user can email using their preferred email client. The user’s name and email address are used only for contact purposes and for any relevant bookings.

8. Contact information
Please use the available phone numbers and email address to contact with us.

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